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    Get to know Volaris

    Our history

    nuestra historia

    Our airline first took off in 2003 when the Discovery Americas I and Columbia Equity Partners funds joined efforts with TACA Airlines to create a new low-cost airline to serve the Mexican market, in a cost efficient approach that would enable a greater number of Mexicans to experience air travel.

    Volaris first crossed the skies in March 13, 2006, on an inaugural flight from Toluca to Tijuana. On July 12, 2006, the World Bank – through their Latin American financial division, granted the company 40 million dollars in financing, thus consolidating the 130 million dollar investment.

    Today, the company’s stock is held by a diverse group of investors, with the participation of independent parties, Mexican, and foreign corporations.

    Our vision is, “To transcend by creating and living the best travel experiences”, in addition to the Volaris mission, “with the best people and at the lowest costs, to enable more people to travel… WELL!”

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