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    Volaris lands in Mérida | New Routes

    VFlights to this city began on March 23th. Volaris airlines announced the opening of a new destination, Mérida.

    MEXICO CITY, Mexico, march 20, 2007.- Volaris airlines announced the opening of a new destination, Mérida.

    On March 23th at 11:30, Volaris will take off on its inaugural flight from Toluca to Mérida, landing in the international airport “Lic. Manuél Crescencio Rejón”; starting operations in this State.

    Volaris’ CEO, Enrique Beltranena, talked about the “potential and importance of Mérida, reasons that made us to include this city in our new routes’ schedule for 2007”.

    Airlines executives also mentioned that “Mérida’s people can easily reach Mexico City when they land in Toluca. This can be possible with Volaris’ shuttle service; ground transportation that connects our customers between the airport and Terminal Santa Fe (Mexico City). This service is available in both ways, from Mexico City to Toluca”.

    Besides, Mérida holds a great market as a tourism and business destination. With this route, customers from southern States can reach several northern points like Baja California, Hermosillo and Monterrey.

    On March 24th, this rout will offer a daily flight: Toluca – Mérida at 07:10, arriving 09:00; Mérida - Toluca at 09:30 and landing 11:20. And a new flight will open on April 18th: Toluca – Mérida at 13:15, landing at 15:05; Mérida – Toluca leaving at 15:45 and arriving at 17:35.

    On March 13th, Volaris reached one year of life in the mexican domestic market; today it offers flights to 14 destinations in Mexico. It also became one of the most important airlines in the country; and recently announced that its fleet will reach 14 aircrafts before 2008.

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    Volaris lands in Mérida

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