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Domestic Flights

Between 72 and1 hr.
before your flight departure

International Flights

Between 24 and1 hr.
before your flight departure

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    Not allowed if you are travelling with an infant.

    If you provide inaccurate information, you may be denied boarding and/or entry into the USA.

    Prepare your trip

    Carry-on baggage

    Take more, pay less

    Our New Baggage Policy, allows you to take for without charge:

    Flights Pieces allowed Size
    (each one)

    Domestic & International


    41 inches

    (9.8 x 15.7 x 15.7")


    * If your carry-on does not meet the specifications, fee will apply. Click here to review the Additional Services Fees.


    Need more baggage on board?

    Now you can buy a Carry-on bag of maximum size of 51 linear inches (12.9”x 15.7” x 22.4”) to take more baggage on board.

    You can get this service during your booking process, in Manage your booking, through our Call Center or directly at the airport counters the day of your flight.

    If preferred you can purchase any of our Basic or Premium packages, which include a Carry-on, as well as other attractive benefits. Go to our Products and Services section for more information.



    Carry-on (without charge)

    • Each carry-on must fit must in the measurement compartments located at the airport
    • If your carry-on exceeds the correspondent size, it will be considered as Carry-on with extra fee
    • These are some examples of without charge Carry-on: backpacks, briefcase, laptop cases, purses, among others

    Carry-on (fee applies)

    • There is a limit of one carry-on with extra fee per customer 
    • If your carry-on with extra fee exceeds the size restrictions, it will be considered as checked baggage



    • Take in your on board baggage your identifications, official documents, medicines, money, keys, perishables, electronics, etc.
    • Save money buying extra baggage in advance. You can purchase during your booking process or before arriving at the airport. Buy here
    • To get more benefits at the best available prices, you may purchase any of our Basic or Premium packages during your booking process
    • If you purchase an additional carry-on or one of our Basic or Premium packages, you will get boarding priority


    Pre-board security screening process

    Avoid delays while boarding by following these safety measures:

    • You can take liquids, gels or aerosols in your carry-on baggage in:
      • Containers no larger than 3.4 oz
      • A transparent, closed, re-sealable plastic bag
    • The following items are exempt from restriction, must be declared at security and may be subject to revision:
      • Infant formula, milk and baby food
      • Drugs with or without medical prescription

    Check the following lists for prohibited items on board:

    • For domestic flights at the SCT website
    • For international flights at the TSA website
    • Hazardous items
    • Calling 01800 122 8000 toll free from Mexico and 1 866 988 3527 from the US 

    Note: Bags might be subject to revision by authorized security screeners if they contain prohibited items


    You decide what to take, paying only what you need.